by Le Perche Oreille

Discorde 04:35


As from a beat-making point of view, Le Perche Oreille's way of "playing" is of a strong impact: a continuous and articulated drumming goes throughout the 7 tracks as a real backbone for the whole work. Syncopates, doubled-beats, straight 4/4, a rich and inventive beating palette. More than thinking of a tribal mess, is rather worthy to imagine someone who's telling you a long story with his sticks, in a sort of percussive alphabet. A beat-texture composed, thrilled and mixed with great energy and craftsmanship.
From the first to the last track the frantic, savage and powerful patterns of early 90's jungle revives but the spirit is sharp-minded and veins are cold now there are no "street vibes" here. All compositions unravel some of the most refined electronica feelings shaped in the last decades and the outcoming vision is truly sharp: tekno and breakcore sounds, a great pattern treatment, filters and synth arrangements giving a glass consistency to the whole, dreamy melody which are fatally overcome by reality.
Pure fire. The key for Le Perche Oreille's music could lie just in this dualism: a primitive energy in a controlled, sculptured and lucid explosion. Perhaps the most complete and closest vision from the chaos spiral so far.


released June 6, 2014

Written by Le Perche Oreille.
Produced by Kaometry records.
Mastering by Stazma.
Artwork by Dawnpu.

KMTDR15. Kaometry records.
2014. Some right reserved.
Made in EU.




Kaometry rec. Berlin, Germany

AKA "The geometry of Chaos".
Experimental music, Abstract Electronica, Breakcore, melodic Drum'n'bass, Ambient, Hardcore, IDM, disturbing Dub-influenced Electronic, and any sound experiments we listen to, we love, we live with, are the ones that we support.

Founded in London in 2007, Kaometry AKA The geometry of chaos is an independent label based in Berlin (Germany) and Valencia (Spain).
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